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   Vehicles for the Disabled: Trail-a-Chair


The "Trail A Chair" is for people who are OK in a standard wheelchair. This is a trailer that replaces the wheelchair and is a lighter option as you save the weight of the carrier trailer. It can be sized to allow for growth and your own cushioning and support pads

In general-options are many and include support and safety systems, various adjustments for seating and footrests. Suspension systems are also available.

An additional rider can be accommodated whether able or disabled.

Prices start at $2376 (US $1877). To view our comprehensive range of options for Special Needs vehicles, click here.

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Suspension Smoothie Trail A Chair
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The Trail A Chair is available with this "gull-wing" swing-away hitch for ease of entry.
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Connor on a family outing and Pete the Lab says look who is doing all the work!
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Pete the Lab took to pulling the trailer quite readily, but how do you convince him not to stop at all fire-hydrants?
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It's a first for Pete the Lab too!
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Kathy and Connor on the maiden voyage- note the high sides and protective coverings of the tires and spokes.
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The structure for an additional rider is easily detachable, in this case it is for an 18 month old able sibling who will be carried in a standard Child's car seat, which will strap to the addition.
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No upholstery or car seat, just my usual faithful test-pilots.


What our Customers are saying about the Trail-A-Chair:

"We recently bought a cheap wee dog trailer so we don't have to leave anyone behind. I meant to write and tell you that even with a wee spaniel/poodle dog in it trails heavier and clumsier than Willows' (Trail-A-Chair) and made me realise how nicely balanced and set up her trailer is so thanks again, keep up the good work!"


All trailers shipped from Duncan, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. See the ordering page for more information about how to purchase a Tony's Trailer.

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