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   Single-Wheeler Bicycle Trailers ('SST')

About the development of the SST trailers:

An important element in trailer design is the location of the trailer hitch—it can be at the rear axle, on the seatpost, on a rack or somewhere else to suit special needs and configurations of machine and trailer.

My first trailer in 1946 used that good old standby: haywire, wrapped 'round the seatpost. Surprisingly it lasted the first 30 miles of a 100 mile camping trip. My buddy and I did complete the trip and brought the trailer home strapped to the rack of one of our bikes.

It was a long time before I had occasion to build another one.

I have evolved a lot of different hitches, to be attached in a lot of different places. For a lot of different reasons. So you can be sure that the hitch that comes with your trailer will be the one best suited to your needs.

I did have one trailer using my 3-point hitch which regularly hauled 800 Lb (365 Kg) loads, unknown to me at the time.

Everything survived including the rider, but please don't look upon this as a challenge or a record to be beaten! :)

There's always room for improvement in the trailer world, and I started this particular exercise with the premise that if you are going to tow a wheelbarrow backwards behind your bike, why not put at least one handle on it to help move it around when it's off the bike?

To move your trailer around off the bike it's sure nice to have a handle—a simple one that comes readily to hand—and doesn't involve complicated pins and other paraphernalia.

The seat post hitch is perfect for this. The same location as for my shopping trailers and many of my models.

Because of the inherent instability of one-wheeled trailers, the hitch needs to be very strong. (It's worth looking at one-wheel trailers for motor bikes, if you want to see massive hitches)

We were lucky enough to find a source for a proprietary hitch—the same type of hitch that attaches to your seat-post and converts your bike to a tandem for you and your kid.

Again an example of the hitch best suited to the job!


All trailers shipped from Duncan, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. See the ordering page for more information about how to purchase a Tony's Trailer.

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