Signage Racks/Extension Sides

These options are for extending the side rails upwards for added lighter weight capacity and/or advertising space for your ads or sell the space to others. These extensions are removeable on all models except the MBT's. For the Flatdeck-Model FD, you must have the siderails option-either fixed or removeable to attach the extensions which are themselves removeable. For the MBT models, the side mounted signage racks can swing up to hold a table top or swing out to provide a display rack. For the BinPicker it comprises of fixed or removeable extension side rails for higher light cargo and advertising. This option can be used in conjunction with a set of (4) Bichard Brackets to create a wider cargo space and/or for longer loads. The width above the frame between the extension sides can be increased by up to 8 inches by the use of the Bichard brackets. (not available for MBT's) Cargo bicycle trailers by Tony's Trailers