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Please note- that the standard trailer with no options can be assembled right out of the box or tote, hitched onto the bike and ridden off into the sunset-or other destination. All the options are a matter of choice or necessitated by shipping constraints.

You can select a standard model and custom-configure it to your specifications. (See the options, below.) Or, have a trailer built for your specific needs from the ground up. For information about standard features and available options on the model you want, see the respective comparison charts or information on the different model pages.

In General the options are:

Adjustable Width Quick-Release Wheels. Shown is the option on a flatdeck- but all are similar. This option allows for easy tool-less wheel and stub-axle removal and of changing the space between the wheels to suit cornering speeds and stability. $250 Cdn ($198 US)

Note: Not available on all models, check the applicable price lists.

Bin-Buddies are water resistant nylon fabric inserts with pockets around the inside perimeter for storing a variety of items in commonly found plastic storage bins while still allowing the lid to fit snugly as the original manufacturers intended. Visit their website,, for more information

Bike Carrier. This option inserts into the towbar of The Trayak and will carry a couple of bikes. We have several other options for carrying one or more bikes. Please enquire. $325 Cdn ($257 US)

Brakes for Trailers and Wheelchairs. Various forms and types of custom brakes are available. Usually operated by the person on the bicycle but in the case of special needs can also be operated by the person in the wheelchair. This suspension multi purpose Wheelchair/Trailer/Rickshaw has brakes for the occupant to keep control on off-road descents-especially in Rickshaw mode.

Prices start at $300 Cdn ($237 US) for standard wheels and $420 Cdn ($332 US) for QR adjustable wheels.

Canopies, Market Racks and Stalls turn your trailer into a market stall! Here are pix of some, but not all, of the canopies and racks we have done. Some of the pix were taken when the owners kids dressed up one of the trailers up for a birthday party puppet-show. Thus adding to the versatility. Note it has a receiver for an umbrella.

Another way is to carry a market Pop-Up tent:-Hilary carries everything-table, canopy, chairs, and pottery etc on her small flatdeck. Hilary is president of the 100 strong farmers' market group in Duncan BC and regularly attends several Markets a week. Hilary can be contacted at "Trial by Fire Pottery", 250 746 6893, e-mail:

Canopy and Table Lifts:If you have the detachable side racks option then these lifts can provide the basis for a canopy to dress up your trailer as a market stall. Four are supplied, can be up to 48 inches long. Cost $198 Cdn ($156 US) per set.If you want a table support and a canopy you will also need 4 table brackets. Cost $105 Cdn ($83 US) per set of four.

Cargo Tie-Down D Rings Now available - Note: these are standard on special needs models as required. For the Trayaks- usually two on rear axle and one on the front bow adjustable support is the minimum requirement, with additional ones available eg. to run a lock cable through. Also available for any of the cargo models, and anywhere you can think of.

Detachable Tow-bar. Easy on-off with a Quick-Release joint at the front of the trailer. For storage or taking up less space in general and shipping in particular. On some models also provides hitch height adjustment, and doubles as a front peg.

Double-Hooked Camlock Cargo Straps Quality straps for use with D-rings, or to hook onto decks and frames, (supplied with Trayaks and some special needs models.) Available at $11 Cdn ($9 US) each.

Extension Sides/Signage racks These options are for extending the side rails upwards for advertising space for your ads (or sell the space to others). They can support a load on top of the rails, but don't get carried away, or exert too much side loading on them.

These extensions are removeable on all models except the MBT's.

For the Flatdeck-Model FD, you must have the siderails option-either fixed or removeable to attach the extensions which are themselves removeable.

For the MBT models, the side mounted signage racks can swing up to hold a table top or swing out to provide a display rack.

For the BinPicker it comprises of adjustable/removeable extension side rails for higher light cargo and advertising. This option can be used in conjunction with a set of (4) Bichard Brackets to create a wider cargo space and/or for longer loads. The width above the frame between the extension sides can be increased by up to 8 inches by the use of the Bichard brackets. (not available for MBT's)

Turn your signage rack into a Bicycle Billboard, a "cost effective, environmentally friendly and a sure fire way to get noticed, especially in Vancouver where Green is King. For less than the cost of a small display ad that sticks your business in the back of a newspaper, we put your products and services right in front of more people in a unique and engaging way."Visit the website for more details. Neil Doyle from Bicycle Billboards says "I took it across the Lions Gate Bridge with strong cross winds and the signage rack and your trailer handled it like a champ".



Heavy-duty 3-Point hitch: Lowers the centre of attachment and distributes the load forward of the bicycle's rear axle. Utilises a 1-1/4 inch proprietory ball and cup system with simple pin attachment. Easier to use on heavily loaded trailers.
$420 Cdn ($332 US)

Heavy-Duty Hitch/Rack Also for when there is no seat-post.This Rack is custom built to suit your bike, recumbent etc. and can be supplied with either the ball-hitch or the U-hitch post. This example uses the standard U-hitch post. $430 Cdn ($340 US). See in action on YouTube!

Heavy duty upgrades We can customise to meet the demand for increased load capacity as in this 8 footer heavy duty version of a BinPicker-good for 500 lb.


Holistic Hitch This is the simplest version of the seat-post hitches and it's use necessitates removing the seat-post from the bike, adding the two sleeves to the seat-post and sliding the seat-post through the ring and tightening the seat-post clamp. Its quicker if you have a quick- release seat clamp.Some tape on your seat-post will help protect it from wear, not too much as there has to be space toallow the ring to articulate going over bumps and up kerbs. The vertical articulation is taken care of by the threaded parts, and the horizontal swing by the ring on the seat-post. Enjoy the added theft protection afforded by this design. Sold as a separate unit for DIYers. $95 Cdn ($75 US).

Long Load/Ladder/Kayak Carrying Extension Convert your flat/deck (any size) into a super long-load carrier. On or off in minutes, shown here with a ladder. Elsewhere you can see it in action Click here-carrying a 32 foot load of planks,ladders and aluminum guttering... $450 Cdn ($356 US). If you want it for your boat(s) we'll include two Y-20 foam blocks and three camlock straps, for an additional $95 Cdn ($75 US).

Suspension systems

Swivel hitches For smooth rapid stops and starts, you can add the "Swivel" option to the standard hitch. $45 Cdn ($36 US). This allows you to lay the bike down (deliberately or involuntarily) without damaging anything. As on all Tony's trailers the hitch fits all sizes and heights of seat-posts. The hitch rotates 360 degrees at the threads just south of the Canadian Flag.

The Hitch is also available for DIYers, click on Swivel hitches to get prices and details.

Tool Racks a useful option for composters and gardeners. Two types are available: 4" Plastic pipe, mounted on either or each side above the wheels. Hardly increases the width of the trailer. Metal Multi-tube. Classical style, front or rear mounted.

Train Connection. For towing another trailer behind any of the cargo or tent trailers. Available best at time of order. We have towed up to two with no problem.

Transformer Models: We also have many "Transformer" models that besides a custom fit and purpose readily and easily converts to another mode of travel-from being pushed as a wheelchair to towing by a bike or Segway, used as a rickshaw or pulled by the family dog or miniature pony.

There has never been so many ways to get the therapeutic benefits that go with these styles of travel, whether you are on the road, on the trails or hiking up that mountain.

Etc. Limited only by your imagination and/or pocketbook.


All trailers and optional accessories shipped from Mill Bay on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. See the ordering page for more information about how to purchase a Tony's Trailer.

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