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NEWS FLASH!     FREIGHT TO LONDON: $169 surface 6 weeks. $320 air-5 days.

Thanks to Willi Mayrhofer who recently flew in from Austria to pick up his Trayak-There are some of his blogs postings on -I discovered that Canada Post has surface delivery of these Trayaks to a lot of countries. It takes about 5 weeks but seems to be roughly half the price of air shipments.

The Trayak

Now celebrating 10 years on the roads!

A serious trailer to carry the boat(s) of your choice wherever in the world you are or want to go, from Finland to Florida -from Scotland to Syria, through Europe and Asia, from the Yukon and all across Canada and North America these trailers have proved their worth, whether it's a short trip to the launch site or a monumental trip of 6,ooo miles-the latter epic towing 250Lbs of boat and gear. Carrying one boat or up to three, these trailers can handle it all

If you are serious, there is no comparison and really no other choice!

Did you ever imagine you could pull your kayak by bike? Now you can. The base model carries one kayak. The double-decker option allows you to carry two.......or more.

Yes -John Caspersen with his "Triple Whammy" transits downtown Toronto with aplomb to reach his favorite destination!

"Tony, I just wanted to let you know that the trailer arrived just in time for the maiden voyage, and that the trailer worked great as a triple decker (I haven't tried if full length yet). I certainly got a lot of funny looks biking through downtown Toronto!"

Julie and Colin Angus, renowned world adventurerers, are shown on the shakedown cruise -so to speak-for their latest adventure which consists of rowing and riding from Northern Scotland to Syria in the middle East. Only 6,000 Kilometers!. They have crossed the English Channel! (May 5th. 2008) Follow this intrepid pair as they make more cycling history. Julie and Colin were recently featured in a Globe and Mail article.

Read more about their incredible journeys, and take a look at their Bike Trailer Handbook!

Whether you're going for a weekend camping trip in style or an expedition through the Northwest Passage, this boat hauls gear like no other scull or kayak. The Expedition performs well with 200 kg of gear and is capable of hauling double that at slower speeds. The midship hatch is large enough to accommodate a mid-sized mountain bike and break-apart trailer. This boat is suitable for amphibious human-powered travel. It is light enough to be towed behind a bicycle and has room to carry the bicycle and trailer. Quality break-apart bicycle trailer systems can be purchased at Tony's Trailers.

Kayaking is a popular sport in British Columbia, where Tony's Trailers are built. So it was just a matter of time before customers began asking Tony if he could provide the ultimate human-powered travel experience: land and water via a kayak bicycle trailer. (And yes, we all know what's next--but parasailing bicycle trailers will have to wait until next year...)

Tony checked the market to see what trailers existed for pulling a kayak by bike. Finding none, he developed a kayak-pulling design — the Trayak ™. The current design is generations ahead of its rivals that have since come on the marketplace.

Tony's Trayak ™ kayak bicycle trailers incorporate a number of advantages. Among these is the fact that by utilizing the innate strength of the kayak(s) being pulled, the trailer can be feather-light while the entire package is stable and solid. In engineer-speak, this approach is known as "stressed-member" construction. It's used in aircraft, sailboats, and now—bicycle trailers!

These bicycle trailers are designed to carry kayaks, canoes and even dinghies, to your beach of choice. Load and unload from the trailer, and when the trip is over you get home to a ready-made storage rack, ready to go for the next outing. Ongoing development based on research and user feedback has resulted in a very versatile, very strong trailer.

"The same fellow also makes the highest-quality canoe trailer for bikes that I have found." - from Canadian Canoe Routes.

"I have been dreaming about having a kayak trailer for my bike for about 7 years.Then for quite some time i tried to build one, or to get someone to build one for me, with no luck. I spent a lot of time researching and planning it. Recently my great carfree friends Emily & Chris got interestesd and decided to go halfsies with me on a great trailer. So i was absolutely thrilled to get this going! After a long discussion we settled on a neat trailer from a great guy named Tony Hoar in Victoria BC, a bike & trailer builder who finished LAST in the Tour de France FIFTY years ago (and still races!). On January 24th, 2005, a summerlike day in the upper 60s, we assembled and test rode our new kayak trailer from Tony's Trailers. It was very exciting! " From Mark and Emily (check out their website for more pictures).

"Enjoying the Trayak trailer in the hill country - these shots are at my place on the Frio River. Thanks, John and Diana"

"My friend Mark has a kayak trailer.... He can pull TWO kayaks with his bicycle! Way cool!"

Double Up: two touring kayaks being towed on a bike trailer to launch (Photo:


The Trayak is featured in Wavelength Magazine!

In the Winter 2010 issue, the Trayak was featured in the 'Tricked Out Kayaks' feature. See pages 24-25.

See the feature here in Issuu, on pages 24 & 25.


"Leave the car at home. The Trayak offers a versatile, portable, lightweight yet strong design. A staff favorite. Advantages: It is surprisingly efficient for towing the kayak, requiring little additional pedalling effort. Good strong construction. Adaptable design includes possibility of a cargo container. Can be adopted for different lengths of kayaks. Turns on a dime. Plastic tires allow backing the trailer into the water to unload. A carbon-neutral product. Simple tightening fasteners. Quick to assemble. Well designed. Disadvantages: Hills, dogs and cars and all the usual impediments to cycling."

Shown is the Trayak with the optional, adjustable-width (usually 30-50 inches), rear axle, shown at it's widest of 50 inches.


See what our Customers are saying about the Trayak...


This larger platform, about 26 X 18 inches, is only available when you also have the adjustable-width rear axle option, You'll notice the trailer chassis is extended to make an attachment point for the rear of the platform-adding to it's strength. The plywood option is shown in one picture, with the plywood cut around the foam block. This way the foam can be removed or stay in place depending on the type of load carried, e.g.., it can stay when you are hauling the Kayak. The price for the HD Platform option is $185 Cdn ($146 US). For the plywood option prices click here.

HD cargo platform with extended chassis.

Plywood option shown, click here. for plywood pricing.

Also available are cargo bicycle trailers, bicycle trailers for the disabled, dog trailers and trailers for carrying groceries and other items by bike.

Check out our comprehensive list of options to customize your trailer!

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All trailers shipped from Duncan, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. See the ordering page for more information about how to purchase a Tony's Trailer.

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