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Could this be the hardest working trailer of all time? It works almost as hard as it's owner! Read more.

"Kwik Kommuter"

The pic shows a new design for shopping and commuting which is more aerodynamic as it has the narrow end facing forward. But still maintains the optimum wheel track for stability. It comes with 20" alloy sealed bearing wheels better suited to longer commutesPrice is $575 Cdn ($454 US) plus taxes, packaging and shipping.


We now cater to the Urban Cliff-Dwellers- with a narrower version of the Kwik Kommuter-the KKN. It fits into elevators and closets and even the downtown grocery check-outs-where space is more precious. It still has the carrying capacity of the regular models. The wheels are closer together and slightly smaller (16 inch instead of 20 inch).
Pink is extra!

Priced at only $555 Cdn ($438 US).

See the Tony's Trailers YouTube feature: "Tony on shopping cart for bike and bus"!!

"Tony sounds like a real smart guy when it comes to bikes. I like the way he is constantly thinking how to make it better. Hope he is still working on this kind of inventions"- YouTube comment from mrbr549.



Don't let your dependence on a scooter hold you back, now you can get out and shop and haul to your hearts desire-well we will leave your 50 foot power boat and travel trailer at home until they get these scooters up a few horsepower-but for now there's still a lot you can do. The one in the pic uses recycled wheels. Shipping considerations mean using lighter wheels-with adequate strength of course.

Priced at only $540 Cdn ($427 US).

Plus packaging, shipping, taxes and duties where applicable. DUTY-FREE TO THE USA!

We have a whole new world of trailers opening up here!

Most if not all of the trailers on my website will allow themselves to be used. At the moment we know that Shoprider and Pride have handy receptacles for the towbar-maybe others too. If not we can adapt to suit.

NEWS FLASH!! The Transit Pup is here!

While everyone talks about it we have the results of 18 months prototyping and testing now available-for one-or all of the possible uses (read more).Check out these YouTube videos: Transit Pup, and Transit Pup approved to be taken on Victoria Transit.

Our Other GG Models:

What our Customers are saying...

"Oh and I should add that we took the trailer to Lasqueti last summer and it was the hugest conversation piece going. People loved it! And they seriously know the value of a good wheelie device. If you've ever taken the ferry there you'll know what I mean- everyone brings a dolly, I swear. " -Maddy and Kevin.

"I've been using Tony's original bike cart for years. Doubles as a grocery cart, a wheelbarrow, tows behind any bike with ease. Check out"- from

" makes a lot of different trailers, including two sleeping versions. He also does custom work according to your needs, and his after sales service is terrific. My shopping trailer from Tony is easily 12 years old now, and still serving me well." -Lorraine Nygaard,

"Hi Tony,I just wanted to say thank you so much for donating the bike trailer to the bike to work week draw. I ended up winning it and I couldn't be more excited. I just think they are the coolest things." - Maddy Koch

"Tony's Trailers in Canada make the most versatile goods trailers of them all, and the prices are so reasonable that they can be well within your target even after coming from Canada... Every review I've seen on this company and its products has been excellent."from

"LIVING IN Britain just after the Second World War, when shortages abounded, entrepreneur Tony Hoar had to be inventive. When he couldn't find a bike trailer to haul his camping gear, he built one. He's since relocated to Vancouver Island, where, among other things, he built the wheelchair Rick Hansen propelled around the world. For those of us not contemplating a global marathon, Hoar also makes the ingenious Grocery Getter, a bike trailer designed for supermarket trips. When you get to the store, just unhook it from your seat post, trundle it down the aisles (it fits through checkout lanes), then hook it back onto your bike. Hoar designs other kinds of trailers, including ones pulled by sled dogs." - Laura Byrne Paquet

"I also wanted to let you know that my trailer is working great- I haul my cello everywhere. I've had a few compliments from people as well. It's also fabulous for groceries." - Laura

"I have been looking at these for a while. Grocery-getter bicycle trailers by Tony's Trailers I like the idea of detaching quickly and walking through the store with it. I don't like the idea of locking up a bike with the trailer still attached. Especially if I want to make 2 or more stops. If anybody has any experience with these please share." From


Bin Buddies are water resistant nylon fabric inserts with pockets around the inside perimeter for storing a variety of items in commonly found plastic storage bins while still allowing the lid to fit snugly as the original manufacturers intended.

Check out our comprehensive list of options to customize your trailer!

If you are a regular user of our Grocery Getters then you know well how much of a contribution you have been making to keeping plastic bags in particular and packaging in general-out of the landfill.

It's noticeable after a while that all those dreaded plastic bags just are not around your house anymore and I am sure the few that are get used as many times as possible. But it's best to stop using them at all.

Using the GG eliminates most plastic bags and finally moves are now underway to ban plastic bags by stores, and municipalities and even Countries.

So Users of the GG's, the world is trying to catch up with your good manners and foresight-but they still have a way to go all the while they use their polluting vehicles for shopping.

It's faster by bike and trailer often, but inside the store is where more gains are possible by self scanning, using hand held scanners obviates the need to take the stuff out of the tote at the check-out for scanning and then having to put it back in again.

If like me you are fed up with the long waits at the check-outs-including self check-outs- then complain to the store manager.

It's not like it's new technology even, they have been using them for years in the UK and Europe.

Here is a typical feature at the entrance of all large stores in the UK- The hand held scanners -just pick one up to save time on check-out and you know exactly what your groceries are adding up to at any time.

Then when this happy day arrives the GG will come into it's own

The Smart Shopper in the future.

Don't forget- you saw it here first!

Shopping Cart of the future waiting for you on the store lot.

Take the Smart Cart to your car and pick up your totes- Up to four-note the Bin Buddy liner.

First thing you see in the store-your hand-held self scanner-scan as you shop!

With the Smart Cart you do your shopping in a fraction of the time-the groceries stay undisturbed until get them home.

Better yet go to a store that loans out the Smart Shopper(and totes) and use your bike-just slip on the towbar and away you go!

That's great but imagine when the scanners come into use that will scan through the totes- a real timesaver!

WHAT DID WE TELL YOU-THEY ARE HERE - see the following articles from MIT and the Victoria Times Columnist.

We have developed a cart that will help the motorists get greener- watch this space for details-prototypes are already in test programs at major chains.

Click to Enlarge

These forward thinking youngsters gained well deserved recognition and prizes for their efforts. Click here.

"This Cargo Cart is a versatile little puppy: you can attach it to the seatpost of your bicycle with a clip on the handle, or use it as a hand cart - it can haul a lot, and a bungee chord can add some stuff to the top on the lid. I use this regularly to carry 40 pounds of water from an artesian well in the Dundas Valley, but it can do groceries, trips to the beer store, and even stand-in as a make-shift wheel-barrow to carry soil.It's an all terrain vehicle for the human powered. Beats a bundle buggy in mud anyday. Snow banks crumble under the 20 inch bicycle tires. I borrow mine from Mac Green at McMaster."

All trailers shipped from Duncan, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. See the ordering page for more information about how to purchase a Tony's Trailer.

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