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   K9 Prices and Options

This will give you a feeling for the prices of the various sizes and options-click on an option and it will take you to a pic and description of that option.

Please note- that the standard trailer with no options can be hitched onto the bike and ridden off into the sunset-or other destinations. All the options are a matter of choice or necessitated by shipping constraints. Click on the headings for more info.
SizePriceUnpainted Plywood DeckSide Rails Fixed
2'-6"$605 Cdn ($478 US)$86 Cdn ($68 US)$66 Cdn ($52 US)
3-Foot$660 Cdn ($521 US)$86 Cdn ($68 US)$79 Cdn ($62 US)
4-Foot$760 Cdn ($600 US)$99 Cdn ($78 US)$92 Cdn ($73 US)
5-Foot$910 Cdn ($719 US)$112 Cdn ($88 US)$119 Cdn ($94 US)
6-Foot$1065 Cdn ($841 US)$126 Cdn ($100 US)$132 Cdn ($104 US)

Additional Options:
  • Swivel Hitch
  • $37 Cdn ($29 US)
  • Adjustable Width Quick-Release Wheels
  • $120 Cdn ($95 US)
  • Detachable Towbar non-adjustable for height*
  • $52 Cdn ($41 US)
  • Detachable Towbar with height adjustment
  • $99 Cdn ($78 US)
  • Detachable Towbar/Retractable Front Support Peg (Adjustable for height.)**
  • $145 Cdn ($115 US)
  • Retractable Support Peg
  • $129 Cdn ($102 US)
  • Cargo Tie-Downs
  • Ea. $13 Cdn ($10 US)
  • Non-Detachable Adjustable Height Towbar
  • $60 Cdn ($47 US)

    For more options go to the Flatdeck Price List and Options.

    *A must if shipping is involved.
    **A must if shipping is involved. Also provides for towbar height-adjustment if different size bikes are involved. (Not available when ordering the Long Load/Ladder option.)


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