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   Dog Trailers

It's a two-way street, you can pull your dog or other animal, or if it's big enough it can pull you.

Read on for information on the different carts available and how to select the size you need and available sizes and prices of the various trailers and carts.


If your dog is a pulling breed, a dog trailer will open up a new dimension in your relationship.

Do the Iditarod the easy way! On paved streets, pulling a wheeled trailer, a single large dog can easily haul an adult or several children (with careful supervision), or dog pulls dog.


Skippy and Doodle Bug pulling cart
Skippy with puppy in cart.

From Carting and Drafting with Your Mastiff.

Like Clydesdales and the other magnificent draft horse breeds, working dogs are happiest when they're helping you. Dogs are most content when doing the kind of work they were originally bred for: retrieving, hunting, protecting you and your property. The same holds true for "pulling" dogs like Huskies, Malamutes, and many other large breeds, even rare ones like the Swiss Bernaise Mountain Dog, or more common ones like the Saint Bernard.

Prices for the 4-wheeler wagons start at $1800 Cdn ($1422 US). Contact us for the possible options.



Razzle enjoys runs with her owner using this custom-built sulkey.Price starting at $1200 Cdn ($948 US), utility version starting at $800 Cdn ($632 US).


To a working breed, pulling a trailer is not work, it's pure joy. Just ensure that when pulling, the dog is guided by a human, as pictured above. If you are within walking distance of a supermarket, your dog will be proud and happy to be pulling your groceries home for you. Just be ready for envious looks from the dogs stuck in the back of all those SUVs in the parking lot.

Be the envy of your fellow dog-owners by employing your pooch to tote your groceries. Your working dog will love it!

Pick the Grocery Getter of your choice and add $260 Cdn ($205 US) for a set of shafts.I will need some measurements of your dog:Width and height at shoulders, and overall length of head and body.

It's easy to switch between pulling with your bicycle or with your pet

The harnesses that connect the pet to the shafts are available from many sled dog specialists on the Web.



Goliath the 180lb Irish Wolfhound on his shakedown cruise, with Judy Snyder at the helm.

One good turn deserves another! Pull your best friend(s) with a kennel/trailer combination. Below right is 90 lb. Grover's rolling kennel

A hard shell Airline kennel or custom metal enclosure provides the safest mode of travel for your pet(s).A flimsy canvas doesn't offer any protection from road hazards, especially hazards on 4 wheels.

With a kennel attached the Flat-deck trailer becomes a Model K9

The trailer is usually sold without the kennel if shipping is involved, so you are actually buying a basic Flat Deck Trailer (with or without a plywood deck), to which you can attach a kennel either by bolting or using tie-wraps. You can also use straps which then makes it easy to take the kennel off and pull other loads.

Even mobility scooters can pull our K9 trailers! (Click the picture to enlarge.)

To start select the size of kennel using the manufacturers recommendations for sizing. (You may already have one)

Then go to the available sizes and prices page.

Next choose a size of trailer that equals or exceeds the length of your kennel.

Check out the available options while on this page

The standard trailerdeck is 24" wide, which accomodates most kennels. To be sure the kennel will fit the trailer if you are using a large or extra large size kennel, let me know the measurement of the widest width of the kennel you chose.

Next give me your city and zip and I will let you know packaging and shipping costs.

NOTE; Kennels, harnesses, animals and totes are not included in the prices.

The kennel can be made into a convertible by separating the two halves and nesting them, giving that "wind in the face" feeling all dogs seem to like.

I'm afraid my dogs would leap out at any time but if your dog's nature is such that they will not do that, then this gives them more options to enjoy the ride.

Only Tony's Trailers offer this cost effective versatility!

Check out our comprehensive list of options to customize your trailer!

What our Customers are saying about Tony's Dog Trailers:

"We recently bought a cheap wee dog trailer so we don't have to leave anyone behind. I meant to write and tell you that even with a wee spaniel/poodle dog in it trails heavier and clumsier than Willows' (Trail-A-Chair) and made me realise how nicely balanced and set up her trailer is so thanks again, keep up the good work!"

"There is also the option to mount the dogs crate onto the trailer. I have seen lots of pictures of these. Basically you just need to put some bolts through the flatbed of the trailer. This is a more professional example from Tony's Trailers." - from Brian Knoblauch on

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: An Airline Kennel on Wheels

"Why let the kennel gather dust when you can put it to use? For those pet owners who already own a plastic airline kennel, Tony's Trailers in Canada, CycleTote in the USA, and UK based Carry Freedom offer a solution."- from Cycling Gypsies.

All trailers shipped from Duncan, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. See the ordering page for more information about how to purchase a Tony's Trailer.

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