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"Double mattress and boxspring... plus 9 Rubbermaid bins on one load. That was one of my first experiences when I did a household move by bike in 2000. I used a trailer built by Tony Hoar--a fantastic person who since became a very good friend. Now I have three of Tony's trailers, and use them for grocery shopping, carrying my projector, laptop and materials for cycling classes, and pretty much anything else. Whatever you use for carrying cargo, you'll be amazed at how versatile the bike can be." - Allan Dunlop, in Urban Biking: The Art of Carrying Things by Bike.

Not all cargo has to be carried by cars, buses, trucks, trains, etc. If a bike trailer is designed well it can carry up to 800 pounds (362 KG) of bulky things! This shop ships from Vancouver Island, making trailers that don't negatively impact your balance or manoeuvrability. " - from .

"YoYo, that trailer's empty weight is as high as it's price. Try looking here for better ideas: . " - from

"Hi Tony, I finally have a picture for you! We put a little write-up in our newsletter this season. Thanks for the trailer it's fantastic!" -Nashira, The Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre .

"I'm still getting lots of use out of the trailer, mostly for groceries when I'm not walking to the store with my new wife. It's very useful. The last big load was buying a new computer last summer complete with two monitors and all the extra components. It was funny to see the store owner's expression when I started moving all the boxes to my trailer and ride off down the street! Ryan." (Ryan is the speedy recumbent rider on YouTube.)

"Tony Hoar of Tony's trailers is working on making legal and affordable ways for people to transport their belongings/bottles etc. Tony is a really helpful guy, too helpful sometimes, I need to be careful not to intrude on his generosity, which he has freely given, doing so much creating trailers to help make the transition from the streets to a productive working life easier, thats the goal, to help people to help themselves. Of course people will do what they will do with what they got. Tony has rightly improved the lives of many people, I am one of them I have a trailer and it has been such a God-send to me. I have only had to ask for a ride in a vehicle to carry something heavy once since I got this trailer! It's marvellous and sooooo useful! I love it! And I get lots of excercise-get the healthy rush of adrenaline and feel good about being independent." - Kira Kelly

"I can't thank you enough for the trailer. Although it hasn't been in constant use (I'm ashamed to say), it has come in VERY handy. I was able to haul a full size couch for approximately 7 kms, a crib and a change table (together) for about 10kms, 2 small size dressers (together) for 12kms and the list goes on!" -Dave.

"Hi Tony,
I spoke to a happy customer of yours, Dan Doe. He loves his trailer and says they are really well built and wonderfully designed. His landscaping business is getting smarter and greener with your trailer."

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