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   Multi Carrier

Adding to the versatility of this model- is it's ability to become a people mover and carry a range of sizes from small children to adults, in any quantity from single to multiple seats.

It's economy is based on you providing and installing the seats, which can range from car seats for kids to lawn or beach chairs for other sizes.

The seats in the pic are from bar stools,although there are many types of seats available, from boat seats to mini tractor seats etc.

To determine the size trailer you need, space out the seats on the floor- in line, allow leg room and determine the length of trailer needed, For prices, see the Price List.

The useable standard width on this trailer is 22" inside the rails, if your seats are wider we can increase the width of the trailer to suit.

You will probably need a detachable towbar, and maybe a rear peg, a detachable canopy is also available. There are a lot of options which you might want to look all priced and described in the price list.

Just click on the option and you will see a pic and description of the item.

Safety straps can be added if required.

Once you have decided the length you need and had a look at the options please contact me and I can answer any questions you may have, and ask a few questions myself like the weight to be carried etc.


This will give you a feeling for the prices of the various sizes and options-click on an option and it will take you to a pic and description of that option.

Please note- that the standard trailer with no options can be hitched onto the bike and ridden off into the sunset-or other destination. All the options are a matter of choice or necessitated by shipping constraints. Click on the headings for more info.
SizePriceUnpainted Plywood DeckSignage Rack/
Extension Sides
Detachable Extension Sides*
3-Foot$611 (US $482)$72 (US $56)$99 (US $78)$132 (US $104)
4-Foot$688 (US $543)$83 (US $65)$110 (US $87)$143 (US $113)
5-Foot$825 (US $652)$94 (US $74)$121 (US $96)$165 (US $130)
6-Foot$908 (US $717)$105 (US $83)$132 (US $104)$176 (US $139)
7-Foot$1045 (US $826)$121 (US $96)$165 (US $130)$215 (US $169)
8-Foot$1183 (US $934)$154 (US $122)$215 (US $169)$264 (US $209)

* A must for shipping.

Additional Options:
  • Swivel Hitch
  • $37 (US $30)
  • Adjustable Width Quick-Release Wheels
  • $100 (US $79)
  • Tool-Rack brackets (2) for 4" Pipe
  • $94 (US $74)
  • 4" Pipe
  • $26 (US $21)
  • Detachable Towbar*
  • $98 (US $77)
  • Tool-rack Multi-tube metal
  • $341 (US $269)
  • Train Connection
  • $165 (US $130)
  • Bichard Brackets (Set of 4)
  • $176 (US $139)
  • Tailgate and Loading Ramp
  • $385 (US $304)
  • Retractable Support Peg
  • $108 (US $85)
  • Cargo Tie-Downs
  • $11 (US $9) Ea.
  • Detachable front and rear end rails
  • $61 (US $48) Ea.
  • Lifts, to modify your detachable side rails, .................Set of four
  • $165 (US $130)
  • Market table brackets...................................................Set of four
  • $88 (US $70) Ea.
  • Welded Plywood Supports: 2 or 4 required depending on the model.
  • $8 (US $6) Ea.
    These make it easier for you to install the plywood yourself.
  • Pro-Upgrade
  • Optional width: This can incur extra costs based on the width required, shipping restraints, and load to be carried. Contact us for details.

  • *A must if shipping is involved. Also provides for towbar height -adjustment if different size bikes are involved.

    For a complete list of options, click here.

    To view our comprehensive range of options for Special Needs vehicles, click here.

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