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   Multi-Bin Trailers - Model MBT.

This will give you a feeling for the prices of the various sizes and options-click on an option and it will take you to a pic and description of that option.

Please note- that the standard trailer with no options can be hitched onto the bike and ridden off into the sunset-or other destination. All the options are a matter of choice or necessitated by shipping constraints. Click on the headings for more info.
SizePriceUnpainted Plywood DeckSignage Rack/
Extension Sides
Extension Sides*
2-Bin $715 (US $565) $72 (US $56) $99 (US $78) $132 (US $104)
3-Bin $770 (US $608) $77 (US $61) $110 (US $87) $143 (US $113)
4-Bin $825 (US $652) $83 (US $65) $121 (US $96) $165 (US $130)
5-Bin $880 (US $695) $88 (US $70) $132 (US $104) $176 (US $139)
6-Bin $935 (US $739) $94 (US $74) $165 (US $130) $215 (US $169)

Additional Options:
  • Swivel Hitch
  • $37 (US $30)
  • Detachable Towbar*
  • $98 (US $77)
  • Train Connection
  • $165 (US $130)
  • Retractable Support Peg
  • $108 (US $85)
  • Cargo Tie-Downs
  • $11 (US $9) Ea.
  • Lifts, to modify your detachable side rails, .................Set of four
  • $165 (US $130)
  • Market table brackets...................................................Set of four
  • $88 (US $70) Ea.
  • Swing down detachable sides/shelves.................................Pair
  • $209 (US $165)
  • Welded Plywood Supports: 2 or 4 required depending on the model.
  • $8 (US $6) Ea.
    These make it easier for you to install the plywood yourself.
  • Pro-Upgrade

  • *A must if shipping is involved. Also provides for towbar height-adjustment if different size bikes are involved.

    For a complete list of options, click here.

    Binghampton University uses their MBT for publicising their recyling programmes. Note the signage racks which double as shelves to hold leaflets and other displays.

    These space-frame trailers are well suited to stacked Rubbermade 68L/ /18 USG totes on the bottom row, and other sizes on the next two rows, or whatever you need to carry.

    Ideal for commercial delivery services where the towbar is at hand for use as a handcart. Just pull a pin to disconnect it from the bike and voila-A neat handcart ready to go through doorways and into elevators

    This design gets the load as low as practical while still maintaining adequate ground clearance.

    For smooth rapid stops and starts you can add the "U-Hitch/Swivel" option, which allows you to lay the bike down without damaging anything. As on all Tony's trailers the hitch fits all sizes and heights of seat-posts.

    A 3-bin MBT for the "August First Bakery" in Burlington Vermont is pre-assembled prior to shipping. Shown are the detachable signage racks.
    "We're vending off the trailer every
    day that it isn't raining. Sold about 75 loaves yesterday." - Jodi Whalen, August First.
    "The bakery's bread bicycles deliver fresh bread in nearby neighborhoods. Using a trailer helped August First Bakery attain a place in the top ten nationwide for innovation. " Read the article.

    The MBT has other uses besides hauling Rubbermade Totes.
    one of Tony Hoar's three-bin cargo bicycle trailers (This unit is a 3-Binner model, with optional signage rack add-on. Ask us about this great way to promote your business!)


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