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   Flatdeck/Flatbed Trailers - Model FD

This will give you a feeling for the prices of the various sizes and options-click on an option and it will take you to a pic and description of that option.

Pricing is based on the effective useable length of the chassis. The compact (2'-6") Flat-deck nicely holds two Rubbermade totes, providing an economical cargo hauler.

Please note- that the standard trailer with no options can be hitched onto the bike and ridden off into the sunset-or other destination. All the options are a matter of choice or necessitated by shipping constraints. Click on the headings for more info.
SizePriceUnpainted Plywood DeckSide Rails FixedDetachable Side Rails*Detachable Signage Rack Extensions*Fixed Signage Rack Extensions
2'-6"$506 (US $400)$72 (US $56)$55 (US $43)$121 (US $96)$121 (US $96)$88 (US $70)
3-Foot$550 (US $435)$72 (US $56)$66 (US $52)$132 (US $104)$132 (US $104)$99 (US $78)
4-Foot$633 (US $500)$83 (US $65)$77 (US $61)$143 (US $113)$143 (US $113)$110 (US $87)
5-Foot$759 (US $600)$94 (US $74)$99 (US $78)$165 (US $130)$165 (US $130)$132 (US $104)
6-Foot$886 (US $700)$105 (US $83)$110 (US $87)$176 (US $139)$176 (US $139)$143 (US $113)

Additional Options:
  • Swivel Hitch
  • $37 (US $30)
  • Adjustable Width Quick-Release Wheels
  • $100 (US $79)
  • Tool-Rack brackets (2) for 4" Pipe
  • $94 (US $74)
  • 4" Pipe
  • $26 (US $21)
  • Detachable Towbar non-adjustable for height*
  • $43 (US $34)
  • Detachable Towbar with height adjustment
  • $83 (US $65)
  • Detachable Towbar/Retractable Front Support Peg (Adjustable for height.)**
  • $121 (US $96)
  • Tool-rack Multi-tube metal
  • $341 (US $269)
  • Train Connection
  • $165 (US $130)
  • Long Load/Ladder/Kayak Carrying Extension
  • $352 (US $278)
  • Retractable Support Peg
  • $108 (US $85)
  • Cargo Tie-Downs
  • $11 (US $9) Ea.
  • Non-Detachable Adjustable Height Towbar
  • $50 (US $39)
  • Detachable front and rear end rails
  • $61 (US $48) Ea.
  • Bichard Brackets (Set of 4)
  • $176 (US $139)
  • Lifts, to modify your detachable side rails, .................Set of four
  • $165 (US $130)
  • Market table brackets...................................................Set of four
  • $88 (US $70) Ea.
  • Welded Plywood Supports: 2 or 4 required depending on the model.
  • $8 (US $6) Ea.
    These make it easier for you to install the plywood yourself.
  • Pro-Upgrade
  • Optional width: This can incur extra costs based on the width required, shipping restraints, and load to be carried. Contact us for details.

  • *A must if shipping is involved.
    **A must if shipping is involved. Also provides for towbar height-adjustment if different size bikes are involved. (Not available when ordering the Long Load/Ladder option.)

    For a complete list of options, click here.

    Michael Mclague is shown delivering a new bike for his grandaughter-could there be a more suitable use for his immaculate trailer?

    The optional Heavy Duty flatdeck offers more support and has a built-in receptable for pulling another trailer. Price on application.

    Another multiple-use trailer.which can be used in place of the Binpicker for some applications, but is particulary suitable for carrying wider and longer loads, especially ladders, long lumber and planks, even 35 foot lengths of guttering, dogs and their kennels, boxes of all shapes and sizes, by contractors like window washers, roofers, pruners, etc. Because it can be packed flat it is sometimes a better choice as regards packaging and shipping costs, especially when air travel is required.

    Need to carry ladders and staging boards or 35 foot aluminum gutters by bike trailer? No longer a problem, accomodate up to 35 foot loads, taking care of course-or whatever you wish- by combining the technology of the Trayak stressed beam trailer and the flat-deck trailer you can now haul all those long, heavy, awkward loads. The beauty of it is the trailer readily shortens down to a flat-deck ready to carry other gear. Click here for pricing.

    Bare 3-Footer.

    Lightly loaded on it's maiden voyage.

    3-Footer with fixed side-rails.

    Optional detachable side-rails and towbar will make a compact package for shipping with the wheels removed.

    Flat Deck with detachable Side-Rails.

    Flat Deck with detachable Side-Rails.

    Flat deck with large tote.

    This is probably the most cost effective and versatile trailer of the dozens we design and build!

    With a kennel attached it becomes a Model K9.

    The Flat-deck trailer is usually sold without the kennel if shipping is involved, so you are actually buying a basic chassis (with or without a plywood deck) and towbar system, to which you can attach a flat-deck, tote or kennel either by bolting or using tie-wraps or pipe clamps. You can also use straps which then makes it easy to take the kennel off and pull other loads.

    The deck is 24" wide, giving 22" inside space, or to suit, click here for options to go wider, and of course you pick the length that you choose or need.

    This is usually the length of your travel kennel.

    So choose the length and go to the price list.

    Many other options are available including side rails- see the Price list -Click here.

    A note on tie-wraps:- the larger ones are a very effective means of attachment, likewise pipe clamps, both eliminate drilling holes in the chassis.

    Hilary carries everything-table, canopy, chairs, and pottery etc on her small flatdeck. Hilary is president of the 100 strong farmers Market group in Duncan BC and regularly attends several Markets a week. Hilary can be contacted at "Trial by Fire Pottery", 250 746 6893, e-mail:, web:

    "I haul around 200lbs at a time. The trailers handles beautifully even under that load, and now I haul recycling and groceries too. He is local and builds trailers for EVERY application you can imagine and many more that you can't." - Hilary Huntley

    If you want a beautiful lawn call Kyle!

    "Hey Tony, Thanks for all your help!, I really appreciate you getting the trailer out to me as fast as you could earlier in the summer. The trailer has been awesome!, my company wouldn't be at all the same without it. Thanks." - Kyle Cooke


    Go back to the Cargo Home page to take a look at details of the the other cargo trailer models. For general information on how to order a trailer, click here.

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