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   Cargo Bicycle Trailers

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We offer five different types of cargo trailers (plus hundreds of options!) to meet your needs:

Multi-Bin Trailer


Heavy Duty Hybrid

Flat Decks

Multi Carrier


The choices match the diversity of needs.

These trailers don't cost you money. In the long term, they will result in savings. There is a great deal of documentation to prove this. What better way to increase your fitness, save money, enjoy your ride and benefit the environment?

With four basic models and multiple options (plus a range of sizes, 2 to 8 feet in 1-foot increments) there are a lot of choices! For no additional fee, you can have what is virtually a totally customized trailer anything you wish-almost!.

Our prices are reasonable. You are getting hand-built quality, welded joints rather than bolted ones (and certainly no ticky-tacky plastic connectors), plus attention to detail & aesthetics within the realm of structural integrity, all without adding to the cost.

All of my trailers connect to the seat post or close to it (if you don't have a seat post we have options to take care of that). This converts the trailer instantly into a handcart; this is an incredible advantage, as all trailers spend considerable time needing to be moved when off the bike.

It costs more to build a trailer to connect this way, but there are other advantages to the seat post hitch mount. An especially important one is the ability to effectively haul heavier loads as this position can share part of the load onto the bicycle in front of the rear wheel, just like those tiny pup tractors and mammoth trailers (they usually overtake close enough to see the details). Our trailers regularly carry loads up to 800 pounds (362 kilograms!). We are actively working on designs to safely carry even more weight.

Don't believe the urban myths about the trailer having more of an effect on the bike's handling when the hitch is up on the seat-post (versus down on the rear axle). In actual handling there's no noticeable difference, excluding of course those add-on trailer bikes. With a large kid thrashing around on them they definitely affect the bike in front and maybe that's the source of this myth. But in convenience, maneuverability, load distribution options and stress on the bicycle frame and components, there's a significant difference-all in favor of going high. Many years of design, application and testing have shown that the seat post attachment is the most effective and stable all-round method for towing a trailer.

"Tony's comment about applying the weight down the seat tube I suspect is ideal (he certainly has a lot of experience messing with trailers). Thanks for the link to Tony's stuff. For people with money and little time or skill for DIY, they look pretty deccent. Tony's trailers I think are great, and he builds them out of proper tubing, not the mild steel I'm using, the guy is a very experienced frame builder, so he knows his stuff." - from BrianMc.

Our clients have hard-working trailers that have been out there now for fifteen years and more, and they just keep going with minimal maintenance.

Not convinced? Ask us for testimonials from people who know, and who have used bike trailers (ours and others) in a wide variety of applications. We are experts in engineering and design, but the people who use our trailers are the ones who can really provide the proof.

Read what our Customers are saying!

Be one of them, and experience the advantages.

Please note- that the standard trailer with no options can be assembled right out of the box or tote, hitched onto the bike and ridden off into the sunset-or other destination. All the options are a matter of choice or necessitated by shipping constraints.

Carrying cargo by bicycle is fun, easy and inexpensive. A cargo bicycle trailer from Tony is sleek, light, efficient, manoeuvrable in tight quarters, and the best public relations an environmentally sensitive company could ask for. Our Cargo trailers play an integral role in Sustainable Energy Solutions.

Going back to the 19th century, bicycle cargo trailers have always had utilitarian value. Unfortunately, many current models still seem to have the look, feel and weight of their Victorian forebears!

Tony's cargo trailers are ingeniously designed to be as light as possible, while retaining maximum strength and rigidity. They even possess a certain elegance, if you have the eye of an engineer. From his decades of building custom racing and touring bicycles, Tony has learned how to transfer his lightweight metallurgy and manufacturing techniques to trailer design.

The structure of the cargo bicycle trailer is a lightweight high-tensile steel space frame, capable of transporting your cargos with manoeuvrability, stability, and safety-when used in a responsible manner.


Tony's Trailers Enable Small Businesses to Go Green!

(And make more money!)

Has the rise of online shopping made traffic worse? (Read the article.) Human powered transport is taking over the world's cities, with the emphasis on cargo bike and cargo trikes. That's great, however there is a much better way, when you consider that bike trailers are so much more efficient than cargo bikes and trikes-in all aspects: For cargo bikes read cargo trikes as well.

Cost and load comparison: Bikes and trailers vs Cargo bikes and Cargo trikes


Cargo trailers yield business and employment opportunities:

Low-tech Magazine says: Cargo cyclists replace truck drivers on European city streets.

Maintenance and construction companies are helping our most prestigious neighbourhoods to keep looking good- and working well-and saving bucks and the environment.

These trailers can make you money!

Here is another way. An oft overlooked source of revenue is selling advertising space on your trailer It's a particularly powerful medium, at eye level, slow enough to read the details and novel enough to attract attention. I have sold trailers that are used for this purpose alone-in California of course- but it works anywhere.

I first sold trailers for this purpose in 2006.

Use your favorite search engine or google "Billboard bicycle trailers" to get in touch with this fast developing industry! Pretty well all of our trailers can carry advertising-either for your own company or cause, or for third parties willing to pay for space or both.

Or you can choose purpose-built one wheel, or two wheel trailers, solely for advertising, but it's much more cost efficient to combine advertising with all the other revenue producing possibilites like deliveries and pick-ups.

One of our early 6-Bin Trailers in Vancouver. Still in use after 15 continuous years of hard service.



Turn your signage rack into a Bicycle Billboard, a "cost effective, environmentally friendly and a sure fire way to get noticed, especially in Vancouver where Green is King. For less than the cost of a small display ad that sticks your business in the back of a newspaper, we put your products and services right in front of more people in a unique and engaging way." Visit the website for more details.




Hauling Heavy Loads:

If you are hauling heavy loads or thinking of doing so, this guide is a must read, in fact read and inwardly digest is even better.

"Two wheeled trailers have the potential to carry more weight because they create a more stable platform, and the weight can be distributed right over the trailer wheels, taking the burden off your bicycle. Two wheelers also utilize multi-directional pivoting hitches (since they don't rely on the bike to keep them upright) which don't transfer torque through to your bike frame. A trailer such as this pictured (made by Tony's Trailers) is ideally suited for domestic errands and can carry up 45 kg." - from Angus Adventures (Read More).


The recycling service in downtown Duncan BC is performed using nothing but human power-oh and Tony's Trailers of course!

Today at the Duncan Farmers Market. The Pedal-Powered Veggie Hauler will be there all day. Check it out while you grab your fresh food.

Who needs a Truck!! Cowichan Recyclists is hauling at least 3 tonnes of recyclables per month. Our heaviest load so far? 270 kg (600 lbs)!

Why make ten trips when one trip will do? Shown are 7 foot and 4 foot BinPickers.

The latest for Cowichan recyclists- A BinPicker 8 Feet long and higher and wider, designed for 600 lb capacity.

Katie with our newest piece of equipment, a genetically modified trailer, which has apparently been pumped full of growth hormomes. Tony built us a seven-footer to go along with our original four-footer. It seems you can pack a lot into seven feet.

When there's no space left from end-to-end, there's always more room on top. That's a seven-foot steel locker riding shotgun.

Photographer Andrew Leong shows a little snow won't keep the Recyclists from their job.

Environmentalist John Scull snapped this quick photo of Aaron and Katie testing the trailer's strength. Definitely a two-person job.

Photographer Andrew Leong captures Katie and Aaron picking up empty soup tins at the Cowichan Valley Basket Society.

Aaron Bichard rides through downtown with a full load.

Katie Harris sorts recyclables in the sun.

Melanie Watson braved the rain to get this picture of Soggy Bichard and his dry load..

Katie Harris rides her bike and trailer through downtown Duncan. Watch a video about how the Cowichan Recyclists are using Tony's Trailers to have a big impact on the environment in Duncan.

Click here to see other large loads.



"Large load, two-wheeled trailers are well suited for large haul tasks such as recycling services or large item deliveries. Large bike cargo trailers such as those by... Tony's Trailers... are excellent platforms for building up unique business ideas on. Think out-of-the-box ideas like mobile coffee, beer or food stands, mobile bike repair or perhaps a mobile retail shop. Now think of some more and maybe just go do one" - from







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This one starts off in life as a quality gardening hand-cart, made in Toronto. To which we retrofit axles and wheels better suited to the higher speeds of a bicycle trailer plus a detachable tow bar system. Here is what Jonas aka ecoman has to say about it "Thank you for making it happen, rides great holds approx 15 flats of plants plus hand tools and she looks good too. Cheers, Jonas"

Plus options such as market tables and shelves, Canopies, You name it!

Heavy Duty Hitch Option

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Heavy-duty hitch: Lowers the centre of attachment and distributes the load forward of the bicycle's rear axle. Utilises a 1-1/4"' proprietary ball and cup system with simple pin attachment Easier to use on heavily loaded trailers- (although the hitch is better left on the bicycle)
$396 Cdn ($313 US)

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Heavy-Duty Hitch/Rack also for when there is no seat-post

Note: This example uses the standard U-hitch.

Can be supplied as an integral part of a heavy duty rear-rack model, with either the ball hitch or the U-hitch post.
$440 Cdn ($348 US)
See in action on YouTube!

We offer five different types of cargo trailers (plus hundreds of options!) to meet your needs:

Tony builds stock cargo trailers, and if necessary can adapt their design to your needs. Feel free to contact Tony to discuss your cargo bicycle trailer requirements. Tony loves a challenge! Also available are kayak bicycle trailers, bicycle trailers for the disabled, dog trailers and trailers for carrying groceries and other items by bike.

All trailers shipped from Duncan, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. See the ordering page for more information about how to purchase a Tony's Trailer.

Check out our comprehensive list of options to customize your trailer!

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