Now we have another option ! For those longer off-road trips, we now have a hitch enabling you to use your ATV as well as your bike. (It's legal most places, but check first). The hitch is a standard 1-1/4”Ball and Cup type, as used for leveling hitches on vehicles, and it is securely held in place with a simple pin. It requires a 5/8” hole for the ball to bolt to-just like its bigger brothers-the ATV in the picture already had the hole. Bruce in Chicago was the innovator, was good enough to send us some pix, and said it works well with his two Kayaks. To use it is simply a matter of removing the Trayak bicycle tow-bar at the joint, and installing the connector piece (colored black). Plus of course installing the ball which most likely can stay on the ATV. Then to return to using your bike, simply replace your ATV Connector with the standard Tow-bar. I will need a picture of your present set-up to make sure the ATV Connector will fit.

Price adder to the standard price is $140 Cdn ($111 US). Or if you don't plan on using the bike, we can supply the ATV hitch in the standard price instead of the bike tow-bar and hitch.

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